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Featured Artist – Carol Kidd

ARTISANS Carol Kidd Featured Artist Carol Kidd began painting in oils after taking a class at a craft store in Maryland. She spent 36 years teaching French. After retiring she found more time for painting and began to take classes and workshops to experiment with techniques and media. Carol has always enjoyed working with textiles, and finds calm in knitting and other needle crafts. Recently, she...


Water, Water, Everywhere

Lifestyle Water, Water, Everywhere...So you’ve finally got that dream house near the water. With the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Fear River and Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) just minutes away, there’s plenty for water lovers to experience. St. James Residents St. James residents have been enjoying their proximity to the water for years. In the late 1990s, a...

Kick-Start Your Exercise Routine Today!

Fitness Kick-start your exercise routine today! Creatively Move And Try Something New Who says that exercise has to be exercise. Just move more in general! Put some music on and dance around your house while you cook or clean! (Yeah – sounds silly, but try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your mood lifts.) Try some stretching in the morning or at night before...

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