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CBS-TV Series, Under the Dome Filmed in Southport, NC minutes from St. James Plantation.

Popular CBS TV-Series Under the Dome is Filmed in Our Own Southport, NC

by Michela Noreski
Tuesday, July 23 2013

What would it be like if you were trapped inside a giant bubble, with no connection to the outside world?  Well, this very scenario is the storyline behind the CBS summer series, Under the Dome.  And, what’s better?  This 13-episode TV thriller is being filmed here, in our picturesque town of Southport, NC and the surrounding area! 

And, we can’t help but have Dome-Fever!  

Some of the Under the Dome scenes include the white, two-story house on East Bay Street, which in the TV series, is the home of “Big Jim” Rennie.  Also featured in the series is Southport Motors on Howe Street, the car lot for “Big Jim’s Auto Sales.”  Trinity United Methodist Church and the historic Old Smithville Burying Ground on Rhett Street are also in the series.

And, many of the waterfront scenes showcase our beautiful Yacht Basin and downtown Southport Waterfront.  Even the historic Pilot’s Tower, in downtown Southport, is home of “Chester Mill’s radio station,” where two radio personalities listen to the chatter from the outside, in hopes of learning what is happening.

Southport, NC is the neighboring town to St. James Plantation, The Number One-Selling Community in the Coastal Carolinas.  For the last several decades, the surrounding area has been known as the “Hollywood of the East” due to 100s of TV shows and movies filmed in the region.  And, really – what’s not to love about the area, and our charming city of Southport?  According to the Brunswick County Tourism Development Authority, Southport is spotlighted as “a must-see location vacation destination” with beautiful beaches, famous restaurants, amazing art, and friendly people!  And, we agree!

If you’re familiar with Southport, tune-in to Under the Dome and see if you can recognize any landmarks. And, if you haven’t been to Southport – or St. James Plantation – yet, there’s never been a better time!  We would love to have you! Call us at 800-245-3871, or e-mail us at to schedule your Preview Package.

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